We provide clients financial success, security, and stability by offering investment strategies that deliver real returns with less volatility. at G&L Financial Planning, we give clients the tools they need to begin thriving in all stages of their financial journey. Our team and associates combine over 30 years of financial planning experience to put the client's needs first. Our approach is different from other financial advisors and planners.

Our mission is to create a genuine and educational experience for every person we meet with. We believe that every client is unique and should receive the same honest fiduciary advice, no matter if they are starting their first IRA with $5,000, or setting up a family foundation with $15M. Our advisors and estate planners are committed to treating every client with care and attention.

Our Values, Our Principals, Our Promise

Truth. Integrity. Trust. These three, core principles compose the foundation for how our team operates.


We believe that honesty and truth are the cornerstones for building successful relationships. Being honest and transparent with our clients is imperative when embarking on the journey of retirement and financial planning.


Our team understands the importance and significance that is the task of building and saving retirement assets. Because of this, we meet the task of financial planning head on with only the utmost professionalism and care.


Because we build upon the principles of truth and integrity, a mutual trust is cultivated within our relationship with each and every client. You can trust that our team possesses the wisdom that leads to logically sound and secure decisions that will not endanger your portfolio for momentary financial gain. Security and safety must exist in tandem with the growth and expansion of your financial portfolio. For the purpose of added insight and safety, estate planning attorneys are utilized when designing and reviewing each and every individual plan.


Why We Put Estate Planning First

No financial plan can truly be complete without a solid estate plan. We understand that it can be daunting to attempt to create an estate plan on your own. And for good reason---we don't recommend it! Our team is comprised of some of the best certified estate planners, investment advisors, and estate planning attorney's, in the country. All of us work as a team to ensure every client is protected from unnecessary probates and avoidable taxable events. 

With proper estate planning our clients can

  • Avoid estate taxes
  • Gift a portion of their estate to beneficiaries before long before death
  • Allocate particular assets to particular heirs
  • Protect assets from the nursing home
  • Protect assets from creditors
  • Control & maintain structured income streams for your children and legacy beyond
  • Have peace of mind knowing their wishes will be followed
  • Prevent probate

Investing with Retirement in Mind

With a proper financial plan, you've unlocked the door that leads to financial freedom. When it comes to mapping out a financial plan, our team takes a decisive, smart, yet simple approach. Our investments are hand-picked and balanced to meet every individual's needs.


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